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Vegas was awesome. Valentine's Day was sometimes a day to dread on Tabula Rasa, what with foods that had unpredictable consequences. Now, they were in the city of unpredictable consequences and Cassie was having a ball. The lights, the excitement, the over all energy, it was infectious and she was loving it.

After a beautiful dinner, Cassie and Sam were walking down the Vegas Strip, hand in hand. She couldn't stop smiling, both from the atmosphere and the man walking beside her. It was just so romantic and passing so many weeding chapels wasn't helping.

After the third or possibly fourth one, Cassie got a sudden idea. It would contradict a conversation they'd had only recently but she had always been better at spur of the moment as over thinking was her down fall. And she wanted this, she feeling did.

If Sam answered her question first.

"Hey Sam. I have a crazy idea."
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Another flying lesson down the drain. That was all Cassie could think to herself as she concentrated on brushing down Hermera. She had to have the only pegasus in the universe who didn't want to fly.

They were on the beach, near where they'd been trying to fly, Hermera's lead loosely tied to a branch so she could graze while Cassie cooled her off. She stopped for a moment and wiped some sweaty hair from her eyes. "You are one stubborn horse you know that?"

Hermara just snorted, not even bothering to lift her head. Cassie laughed and went back to work.
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Just because Cassie woke up early to train does not mean she woke up bright eyed and busy tailed. She hated waking up early and she was convinced the only people who did were Bats, and that was because she wasn't altogether convinced they slept. Period.

Groaning, she rolled over away from Sam's warm bulk, with her eyes still closed and laid there for another few minutes, dozing and stretching. Finally, she opened her eyes and rolled over to give Sam a kiss before getting up for her morning training.

Seconds later, she was sitting on the chest of the man in her bed, hands dangerously close to his neck, legs clamped around his arms. "Who are you?"
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Back in New York, Kon needs an ice skating teacher desperately. Cassie is willing to help. During a hot coco break, she does the best friend thing and grills him about his love life. Or lack there of.

Maybe this is a sign that in this case, blondes don’t have more fun with you. )
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It was kind of weird how technically Cassie had had Christmas in a different place every year thanks to the islands magic. London had been pretty last year but Cassie was really enjoying New York. Especially the beautiful decorated apartment she shared with Sam. It was definitely a better job then she could have done on her own.

And now it was Christmas morning. She and Sam had spent a late morning in bed and then had a leisurely breakfast, also in bed. Cassie had taken then tray back to the kitchen and prepared a nest of pillows in front of the Christmas tree for opening presents. Spending the whole day in bed sounded like a great idea, but that didn't mean the whole day had to be in the same bed!

When she was done, she went back into the bedroom and pounced on Sam to pull him out of bed. "Come on, it's ready!"
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Last night, Cassie had suggested a new training exercise. Sam knowing how to defend himself was very important to her, especially given the things that tended to happen on the island. So far, he'd been doing well but she'd decided to it was time for a test.

The test was simple. They went out early in the morning when it was cooler out and she gave him one instruction. Run. He was getting a fifteen minute head start and that was it. Then she was coming after him.

As she moved through the trees, Cassie admitted to herself that this was a great idea. She didn't know about Sam, but she was having a blast! Plus, she already had plans to make it up to him later.
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It had started out like any other morning. Or at least any other morning that she didn't spend with Sam. She and Iris were out for their morning run, Cassie alternating between jogging and sprinting while Iris just looped along beside her. It was a beautiful morning and Cassie was almost tempted to go a little farther but something seemed to call to her back towards her hut.

And it was a good thing too, as just before the hut would have come into view through the tree, Iris veered off the path and went charging into the woods. Moments later, Cassie heard a racket of barks and some sort of screeching. Afraid for the her dog, she ran after her, following the noise until she found them.

When she did find Iris and the source of screeching, Cassie couldn't help stopping in shock. Iris was standing protectively over a little golden colored foal, barking not at it but to get Cassie's attention. But the barking was still scaring the baby animal, thus the screeching. But it wasn't the screeching that was making Cassie stare, but the two white wings growing out of her back. It seems like the island had decided Cassie needed a baby pegasus in her life.

Once she got a grip on the situation, Cassie ran the last few steps and fells to her knees to try and comfort the little foal. "Hey, hey it's alright! more of that crying, it's okay."

[For reference, the foal will look like this when she grows up. For now, she looks more like this]]
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If there was one thing Cassie was really starting to enjoy, it was waking up next Sam. Sure they were still only just sleeping, literally, but it was warm and cozy and definitely something she could get used too.

Even the 'sleeping together' bit was getting more familiar and comfortable. Sam had insisted on showing her different ways he could please her without going all the way, blowing her mind in so many good and new ways. But he still wasn't letting her reciprocate yet.

But today that was going to change. Today was Halloween and in honor of the holiday, it was time for Sam to get some pay back. They were in Sam's hut and Cassie had woken up early as per usual. But instead of going for a run or meeting a sparring partner for a morning workout, she'd stayed to watch Sam sleep for a while was she planned her next move carefully. Finally, with a smug grin, she leaned in to kiss him awake. "Wake up sleepy head. Happy Halloween."

Little did she know, they were being watched by beady little black eyes behind a rainbow forelock.
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When Cassie woke up as a boy, again, after freaking out with and then calming down Cissie, she knew there was one thing that she had to do for the next few days.

Avoid Sam like the plague.

She had good reason too after all! Last time, Kon had barely been able to look at her, so she’d gotten completely drunk and ended up getting kissed by her gay friend. None of that was anything she wanted to repeat so avoiding Sam it was. Cassie kinda felt bad, because it wasn’t Sam’s fault, but she figured better safe than sorry. She’d make it up to him later.

Granted, even as a boy, who was taller and a bit heavier in stature then she normally was, her identity was kinda given away by the Golden Retriever with the rainbow collar following her on her morning jog. A Golden who normally wanted nothing to do with anything male.
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Yesterday had been rough, talking with her mother and dealing with Luke. So today, Cassie just wanted to have some fun. She wanted to show Sam some of her world and really, just hang out like the group of teenagers that they were. Kon had agreed to take care of Luke and Cassie was going to owe him something awful when they got home. Though he had mentioned something about taking Luke out to Smallville and she couldn't wait to hear who that went.

So after some discussing, there was now a plan for the afternoon, a very simple but very good plan. Burgers and a movie. There was a great burger joint near Young Justice headquarters with milkshakes to die for and a patio behind it so the young heroes and Sam could have some privacy once they got their food.

Klarion will be added as a top level after I look up his powers again and set for after lunch, when they are on the way to the movie theater.
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Normally, Cassie wasn't one to spend a lot of time in bed. But lately, or really the last two days, it had taken everything she had to get out of bed in the morning. Someone people might have been excited to find out the king of the Greek gods was their father but for Cassie, it just made her miserable. The powers she'd felt she'd earned for her bravery now felt cheapened. It just wasn't fair.

And because she'd spent more time in bed, she knew instantly when she woke up that she wasn't on the island. After the events in the Fire Nation the month before, Cassie woke up quickly and sat up at the ready, wanting to be prepared for wherever she'd found herself. It was with a small sigh of relief when she realized that she was asleep on the couch of Young Justice headquarters. She took a deep breath and made herself float for the first time in years. Even through her depression, she couldn't help a small smile.

For Kon

Feb. 6th, 2011 09:29 pm
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This was getting ridiculous. She was so tired of feeling angry and there really was only one way to fix that. She needed to talk to Kon. Needed to know once and for all where they stood, for better or for worse and she would never be able to move on until she did.

Cassie loved Kon, always would, she knew that now. But this was just getting more then she could bare.

Iris was left with Cissie for the a while as Cassie made her way to Kon's hut. Before coming, she'd spent an hour with her heavy bag in the hopes of having a level head for the upcoming conversation, which could easily end in tears otherwise. After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

For Tim

Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:38 pm
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It was less then an hour between the time Cassie had found the brand new heavy bag with her name on it outside the hut and when she'd had it securely chained up in the branches of a near by tree. The accompanying gloves had been promptly tied in place and since then, she'd been pounding away her frustrations on the bag for a good few hours every morning and sometimes again in the afternoon. With her sparring partners limited again, and she'd never liked taking her anger out on other people anyway, the bag had helped her control her growing anger and unease caused by the island to the point she could function almost normally again. Because loosing control on New Year's Eve had frankly scared her.

Today, she'd worked in another afternoon session. She'd snapped at Iris for being in her way and she knew that when she yelled at the dog for no reason, it was time for a little cool down with her gloves and bag. Drinking a bottle of water, Cassie was just returning to the hut, gloves tied together and thrown over her shoulder, tired enough that it took her a moment to realize someone other then Cissie was there.

For Zuko

Dec. 13th, 2010 01:02 am
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There were a lot of things Cassie felt like she was loosing her grip of on the island. Her friends from home all seemed to have lives that didn't include her...and whatever life she had had on the island had disappeared with a lot of its residents. She had thought things would get better with Kon...but in truth it felt more like she was loosing him all over again. She'd been hearing rumors about someone named Wallace that she refused to think about. Bart was oblivious as always. Cissie was about her only life line, but Cassie didn't want to interrupt the happiness her best friend was finding with Bart with her growing melancholy.

So, Cassie felt herself spending more and more time practicing with her staff and keyblade in a small glade she'd found for privacy. Because the one thing she did have, that she always had, was Wonder Girl and no powerless island was going to change that. At the moment, she was running through the keyblade drills with Oathkeeper that Roxas and Riku had taught her before they disappeared, letting her movements clear her mind. The snow and her additional clothing from the cold made it a bit more difficult but it only helped her to settle her mind even more.

For Kon

Jul. 29th, 2010 12:12 am
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Cassie was really beginning to hate the rain. She'd come up the compound for a shower but by the time she'd gotten there, she was drenched as was everything in the bag she'd used to bring her change of clothes. So before going into the bathroom, she'd put her clothes in the dryer and was now searching through the clothes box while she waited. Unfortunately, everything was either Superman or Batman related and neither appealed to her for various reasons.

Blind Date

Dec. 4th, 2009 01:11 pm
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It took everything Cassie had to fight her nerves as she moved through the picture perfect snowy landscape towards the location she'd been told for the blind date. Sure a part of her was excited but mostly she was nervous. Who could Cupid have set her up with? It helped a little that she knew it wasn't Kon. Actually, it helped alot.

Finally, she arrived at the empty hut and, after a deep breath, stuck her head inside. It had been decorated with tasteful silver and blue holiday decorations and in the center of the room was a beautifully set table for two, with another small table nearby with covered trays that she assumed was dinner. It looked...perfectly romantic and Cassie's breath caught in her throat, reminded of Valentine's Day and Kon and... She quickly shook her head to stop that train of thought. If anything, it proved how much she needed this.

Still looking around at the comfortable furnishings of the hut, she took off her coat and boots, revealing a nice dress Donna had helped pick out just for this occasion. Her hair was done up nicely and out of her coat pocket, she pulled out matching shoes for the dress. Once she'd fiddled with everything, peeked under the covers of the dishes and fussed with her hair in a convenient mirror, she settled down onto a couch by the wall to wait, eyes nervously trained on the door.
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While Kon is sick with the chicken pox, Cassie brings him soup and keeps him company.

Your cute when your delirious. Can I get you anything else, Grease Lightening? )

For Eric

Apr. 30th, 2009 09:40 pm
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Something really weird was going on in Tabula Rasa land and Cassie was set to investigate or at least check on all the people she was close too. Morgan was effected and Dick and Tim seemed occupied keeping her out of trouble. Anatoly and Luthor seemed to be fine when she'd checked on them. She hadn't seen Kon since he missed training but that wasn't exactly out of the normal so she wasn't worried. Yet anyway.

She was currently looking for Karolina to check on her and thus heading towards the club where she knew her female friend was working. Cassie really hoped not. This whole thing was just...creepy.
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Cassie was practically bouncing as she jogged down the beach, occasionally even breaking into a skip and a twirl in the sand. Normally, she wasn't the romantic type, giving Cissie a hard time whenever she was roped into watching fluffy romantic movies. But that was all forgotten yesterday. Yesterday had been perfect! Kon had gone all out, with flowers and chocolates and dinner in one of the caves, very private and just the two of them. It was definitely worth the pain of the whole boy thing and the disaster of the first attempted date.

She couldn't exactly gush to the boys without losing her rep, so she was seeking out the one person she could tell all about it in her teenage excitement. Bounding right up to the door, she knocked on the frame before sticking her head inside. "Anatoly? Are you here?"
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